Cedar Rapids

Our new location, in the 1st Ave side of Lindale Mall, in the parking lot next to US Bank. We have 4 escape rooms, The Statford Jewels, Making Mad, Calamity Falls, and The Shed.


Our original location, on Main Street in the historical Mount Vernon/Lisbon community. We have 2 rooms, Road Trip '66 and Nemo's Wrath.

The Fantastic Escape!

The Fantastic Escape is Eastern Iowa's highest rated escape rooms. With an emphasis on story, theatrics and an immersive environment, our games feel like you've stepped in to a movie! Find the hidden room, crawl through a grid of lasers, or sail away on the high seas! Each of our rooms are an adventure!

What is an Escape Room?

Escape Rooms are live action video games where you're "locked" in a room (don't worry, you're not really locked in a room) and have one hour to solve the puzzles and escape the room! It's a battle of wits while you race against the clock, with the ultimate challenge to make a Fantastic Escape!

Who makes the puzzles?

The Fantastic Escape Game Masters are passionate gamers with backgrounds in scenic art, storytelling, and engineering, creating unique and challenging puzzles that are fun for everyone.

Our artists/game designers have worked for premier entertainment venues in the world, building props and sets for Orlando area theme parks, Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Nights, Cedar Rapid's NeverMoor: Tales of the Strange as well as many theatrical productions here in Eastern Iowa.

Ready for a Fantastic Escape!?

Are you up for a challenge? Ready to try a live escape room game experience? Can you defeat our game masters and make a FANTASTIC ESCAPE!?

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