Cedar Rapids Escape Rooms

Calamity Falls - 1 hr - $25/person

NOW OPEN! Ya'll don't look like you are from around these parts. Seems the stage coach has been robbed, and yer the most likely suspects. If'in ya ain't fixen to stay in that thar jail, ya best find the hidden gold. Time's a wastin'.

Making Mad - 1 hr - $25/person

After finding out your high school chemistry teacher has been using his knowledge for illegal activities, he’s locked you in the science lab and sent out for a “fixer.” Hurry, you only have an hour before the return and take you on a trip to the middle of the desert!

Curse of the Pharaoh - 15 min - $10/person

An unwitting archeologist has removed cursed artifacts from the Pharaoh's tomb.  You have 15 minutes to return the items before the end of the eclipse.

The Shed - 15 min - $10/person

You've been locked away by the infamous serial killer The Cedar River Ripper. You need to act fast and keep your wits about you to escape, because he'll be back in 15 minutes!

Lisbon Location

Road Trip '66 - 1 hr - $25/person

It is 1966 and you have been undercover for months now. The assignment is to drive your Cheverolet across the USA in hot pursuit of counterfeiters who are filling the small towns of America with fake $50's.  It has been a long trip in a car with a faulty heater, no air conditioning  and barely a radio. But now, with evidence in hand, you will be reporting back to the FBI in the morning.  Just one last stop to make...

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